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Change4Life Clubs


Change4Life Sports (C4L) Clubs is an exciting programme that aims to harness the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to engage less-active primary and secondary aged school children in physical activity and school sport. Change4Life Sport Clubs are fun, vibrant and exciting activity clubs giving young people the confidence and competence to take part in lifelong physical activity.



Primary clubs
Primary clubs capture the essence of the sport without directly delivering sport-specific content, and are grouped under five multi-sport themes:
•    Adventure
•    Creative
•    Combat
•    Flight
•    Target

All SHSSN primary schools are currently running C4L clubs with great success, infact lots of children who have attended these clubs now take part in other extra curricular clubs at their schools having gained the self confidence from attending the club.  


SHSSN schools have also taken part in C4L festivals at either Barnhill or Swakeleys. These are run by Secondary Young Ambassadors and provide the opportunity to primary students to come into a secondary school and take part in fun, exciting activities in a different environment. The result of these opportuntities that these students might not usually get, mean we are able to build on their self esteem and reward it and also provide positive role models from Secondary students.

Change4Life Festival 2015 

Thursday 9 June 2015

SHSSN have invited Belmore, Yeading Infants, Yeading Juniors, Grange Park and Hayes Park schools to take part in the Change4Life Festival on Tuesday 9 June 2015 at Barnhill Community High School.


The festival is to reward the participants of your Change4Life clubs for attending on a regular basis. Pupils will be able to participate in a number of different sporting activities run by our student leaders. The festival is open to all year groups but only students who are involved with their Change4Life club during this year.

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